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Project, need assistance.

2010-09-10 06:56:53 by shivajr

If you are interested in collaborating with me, please read this first. This will contain all the info you will need to know what this project is about. My skill with coding is shallow, everywhere else i'm fine in.
Although I could also use an animator for this too. Well lets get into detail, this project is basically game designing. I'm in development of a platformer entitled "Bubbles' Hangover", the story of a kirbyish character who seeks revenge upon his mother's death at the hands of a clan. The levels consist of grasslands, sewers, citys, top of trains, and so forth. but I may need to split the game into separate parts if it exceeds the 10 mb limit . An animator for cutscenes would be good. my brother is a coder, so he can do all that fun stuff for me. I'm still looking for original music, and an animator.

PLEASE READ!!!!!---------> I CAN NOT PAY, I ONLY PAY IN PAY PAL, AND I BASICALLY REACHED THE SPENDING LIMIT!!!!! this is a no pay project, try to understand ok? heres a reference of the game, its a beta----->
http://black-wolf-unhadox.deviantart.c om/#/d2y9s8d


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2010-09-10 12:13:39

Sounds cool! btw Tom extended it to 15 mb now, just so you know.


2010-09-16 13:56:18

Hey shivajr.
The project sounds really cool. I might not be able to assist you on the artists part: I currently have too much projects to fill up and too much school work.
Instead, I'm really good at making music (mostly calm and ambient), so if you need any music just send me another PM and I'll see what I can do.